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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installation Around Milford, CT

Hardwood floors are beautiful and elegant. If you want to update the flooring in your home, hardwoods will make a great addition. After you have installed wood flooring in your home, you'll not only notice an improvement in the beauty of your property, but also the value. To ensure you get the most value out of your hardwoods, you should hire an experienced installation team. 

Attention to Detail

There are a lot of details in a wood floor installation that many amateurs overlook or ignore. Some of those details are material acclimation, proper acclimation of the flooring, use of proper underlayment or adhesives and especially fitting around important areas like cabinets, fireplaces or doorways. Advanced Wood Floors will be happy to fully explain how to get the best possible outcome of your flooring installation. Below are some different types of floors that are common to our industry. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on our hardwood installation service.
The finished product of our hardwood installation in Milford, CT

Wood Flooring Types

Solid wood flooring can be supplied either unfinished or pre finished. The pieces are one wood type only and not laminated together. These types of floors are generally fastened with a pneumatic stapler. 

Engineered flooring consists of two parts. The first part is a plywood base and the second part is a finish layer of actual hardwood that is laminated together. Engineered floors are generally used for glue down or floating scenarios where there is nothing to nail to, like a concrete slab for instance or sometimes over radiant heat floors. Engineered wood floors are available in pre finished and un finished varieties .

Pre finished Flooring

Pre finished flooring come from the supplier completely finished and is ready to use right after installation is complete. Some customers prefer pre finished flooring because it can be completed faster than using unfinished wood and site sanding and finishing it. Once a pre finished floor is installed, it is immediately ready for use. Possible down sides are that pre finished flooring requires micro bevels to be machined into the boards to prevent being able to feel board edges under your feet, and you might be limited to less colors than a site sanded and finished floor.
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