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Sand and Finish

 Hardwood Dustless Sanding in Milford, CT

If you are installing unfinished hardwood floors in your home, you can count on us to provide the high-quality finish you want for your floors. Many contractors will leave your house full of dust or rush the process, leaving behind noticeable flaws in your wood flooring that are unacceptable. Advanced Wood Floors will leave your house clean the way you expect it and the floors looking flawless. With our company, you can select from a variety of finishes including water-based finishes from basic coatings, Bona and Loba on top. Many of our finishes are also eco friendly. Please contact us to learn specifically which finish is right for you in terms of look, durability and cost. Below is an explanation of some of the services and products we can offer you:)

Dustless Sanding

We use updated machinery and vacuum systems to contain as much dust as is currently possible. We have the Bona Atomic DCS vacuum that is incredibly powerful as well as other specialty vacuum systems that many other contractors choose not to use. Advanced Wood Floors promises to take the extra time needed to make sure the flooring dust is contained and that a thorough clean up is done for your complete satisfaction.

To change the color of your wood floor, you would normally apply a coat of stain after sanding. We use stains from Minwax and Duraseal in a multitude of colors. We will even custom blend multiple stains if that is what you need for your ideal color. Staining will highlight a poor sanding job and show unpleasant sanding lines and swirl marks so we promise to do all the necessary work to make sure your stained floor looks flawless.
Hummel belt sanding machine


We work with many types of finishes . We work with water based finishes from companies like Bona, Basic Coatings, and Loba. Water based finishes generally have the least amount of odor, dry time and impact on the environment. Durability ranges from equally as durable as oil based finish to significantly more durable than oil based finish. If you want the most durable finish, it will be found in the water based finish range. The only downside is that many water based finishes are higher in cost than most oil based finishes.

We also work with oil based polyurethanes from Lenmar, Fabulon, Duraseal, Waterlox and Bona. Oil based finishes are generally the least expensive finish type. Durability is solid and oil based polyurethanes have a familiar amber color over time that some customers still prefer.

Eco Friendly Finishes

We also offer interesting finishes from Vermont Natural Coatings which is made from whey protein and Rubio Monocoat which is a 1 step buff on wax based product that has zero VOC and is available in a multitude of colors. These types of finishes are the safest and most environmentally friendly. The only downside is that they are of average durability.

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